Monday, January 11, 2010

Suggestions for The Waiting

Here's 3 suggestions to those who are still waiting for your "next destination".

1. Keep your health in a tip-top condition.

In general, just do your very best to avoid major injuries, sickness. Be careful when you go out or even in the house (Ceilings do fall, y'know?). You never want to delay your 1st day just because you have a flu/sprained ankle that day. Well, exercising is a good suggestion too. It never harms to keep yourself in shape. Or, to some others, try to regain their ideal weight. (Yup, including yours truly.)

2. Give your mind some good workout.

Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings. Watch prime time news. Read newspapers. Yes, the headlines. Or, you can pick up books that you've been dying to finish since last years. Buy that highly recommended novel. Or, read academic journals to equip yourself with more knowledge. Anything that you find suitable to you.

3. Spend quality time with family, friends, etc...

You'll never know where your "next destination" is. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the abundant time you have with people you care. Besides, who's gonna lend you an umbrella for the next three months of drought, if not your own blood? Catching up with old friends is good too. The point is, make the spent time worth the while.

In conclusion, savour each moment! Sleeping in is a huge blessing. Having meals with your family and friends. Watching TV all the time until your parents told you off. Going out with friends on any day, because to you, everyday is still an off day. All these perks, you might enjoy them again after a very long time. Be patient. Believe that He has all planned out for you. When the time comes, a good soldier you know you are, you are all prepared to step on the New World!

Good luck, everyone!


nedd. said...

please do the suggestion no.3 the most!! i really do miss doing this things with friends and families. esp, watching TV!!! warghhh! if u get posted, and u'r alone in that new school and u hv to rent a house or the quarters alone all by urself, there will be no TV for the time being then u wud appreciate the time u were with TV. urgh. its a pain without any entertainment. u jus hv to get out! beware, u cud feel like u'r going insane. haha.

Azmyrax said...

i think i like to be in waiting now. I finally make peace with boredom. uh lalala goyang kaki lalalala

cyfu said...

goyang kepala, goyang kaki, goyang perut, goyang badan.. hoho..