Monday, November 30, 2009


Currently we need opinions on site, especially the categories.

Let me start.

Classroom Issues
Lesson Planning
Games in the Classroom
Extra Activities

Photos and Videos
Teachers' Rant

How are the categories divided to? Anyone can write? What are other categories that you would like? Anything else? What's next?

This is one of the prior discussion. Post your comments below.
Come on, get involved.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a suggestion

This is only a small plan I have for our future as Teachers *yes with the capital T*..I still dont know for sure how this plan is going to be; but the basic thing is: I wish we could have a blog where we share news and updates or stories related to teaching in general or personal experience specifically those related to the profession or education...

Obviously this blog might not be functioning fully yet because we haven't even been posted to our schools anyway. But I guess early planning is great and we can have our sweet time to think how this things should be or how it could be better..before the actual start. *but actually my real excuse is: I'm bored as hell, and I needed something to do...*

or perhaps...we can still post educating things here even before we are posted right...for those who are bored out of their heads as well..

Anyway, to business.

I have shared this idea with Kartika Sari and now I want to share this with everyone else. My suggestions would be:
  1. this blog has only one author (one email ** but I can share this email with everyone who wants to contribute writing pieces/ updates/ news)
  2. or..this blog has many..manyyy authors....meaning joint account. I will invite those who are interested to be authors as well.
Well... as usual, I'm not really positive about the respond(s) I'm going to get about this. But what the heck. Do comment and tell me your ideas!