Thursday, December 31, 2009

secondary posting: latest news

hello fellow teachers

I've posted this msg in our yahoo group but yeah since boredom strikes me, i am going to post the same thing here..teheeee~ :P

To all secondary option, as we already know the result will out by mid January and few of us asked me to inform this matter to Mdm Laila or Timbalan hoping that they can help us. so done my part, i've already inform Mdm Laila about it. I've also informed Dr Boon and she said she will bring this matter in the staff meeting today. So pray to God that Timbalan will do something about it.

so, current updates. this is the msg that i received from Mdm Laila.

'When d KPM officer told u abt the delay in posting, it must be en block decisn 4 d sec group. D delay cn b due 2 economic reasn. Anyway, x worry. If they say u might get ur posting letter by mid Jan, d letter might be bckdated. X help u at dis point s m on mc until 14 Jan due to backache problem. Pn Norzilah is d new B.Ed Yr 4 coord. Anyway, i hope ur problem will be resolvd soon. Do keep in touch'

Still waiting for words from Dr.Boon.
Thanks Mdm Laila :)

I know that it is difficult to meddle with MOE business when we are just a normal teacher (future?), but still we have the right to question them..pray to God that they can settle our posting a.s.a.p. i am broke already. *sigh*

Nurizzati Taib

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New year 2010

New Year message From Moderators

It’s almost New Year and this time we will embark into the year of 2010, leaving behind our life in 2009. This year we call ourselves a full-fledge teacher. We are no longer building castle on the air; planning artificial lessons and teaching friends who pretend as our sweet and lovely students.

2010 is the year where we step into the adulthood, where the real battle awaits us; real lesson plans, real students, real work and real burden. It is, therefore, the School-Matters-To-Me (SMTM) wishes everyone good luck and may you have pleasant experience.

However, as we are becoming a teacher, are we all aware how difficult the work could be? Good! SMTM is glad that you all realise that teaching is one of the difficult works in the world; only a man with beetle brain will stand up and say ‘teaching is easy’. But, in reality, people say teaching is easy because of our own fault. Ask ourselves, have we ever met a teacher who neglects his or her duties? Perhaps almost all of us will say yes.

The author of the “The Malaysian Education System is a Crap”, has boldly attacked our educational system. The author hits the system from classroom issues and the list goes on to issues related to administration. Even though some facts written by the author are misleading and sweeping, he hits the nail right at the centre.

Friends, through human history, we change from time to time, responding to the needs surround our clan. Our ancestors were half naked and when civilization took place, we become well-dressed people; from living in caves, we now practice the housing system; from using fire to light in the darkness, we use electricity to show our way so that we will no longer step over things and fall down. Teaching? Of course it also goes into the cart and advances through the time; from nothing to something.

We are now the new generation of teachers, trained to lead the future. But of course, sometimes, our colleagues make it difficult to chew the fat together with us. It is a temporary obstacle for us to face with. Even though we might feel irritated with the unprofessional behaviour, we at the SMTM are confidence enough that smiles, humble and patience may boom the wall to pieces. Changes that develop through positive environment could well be accepted by everyone.

But, what exactly changes are we talking about here? Changes in shape? No. We are talking about changes in our attitude, changes in the way lessons are conducted, changes in the way we work with our colleagues, changes in the way we entertain our clients, changes in the way we conduct our personal life and changes in the way we admin a system. The changes can curl our hair but changes are what our society needs the most; although some senior teachers and administrators are hard to change.

So, this 2010, which side are you going to stand on? Be nothing or be something. You decide how you are going to shape your path. We at SMTM, wishes you all the best. We are always here to support you.

Happy New Year 2010.

With best regards,
School-Matters-To-Me Administrators.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Schoolmatters now on FB!

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia.

Schoolmatters is now on Facebook! Join in the group now and start participating in the discussions and other coming activities.

Click on the icon to on the left and be a member now!

Owh, don't forget to invite your friends and the friends of your friends to join in too. Let's make a big community that is concerned over school matters for real!! AND a community whose members are connected with one mission: to make an impact in Malaysian Education!

"Come on, come one, come all, get involved!"

Schoolmatters Team.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas!!

I hope this is not too late: "It's the season for jolly!!"

The Schoolmatters team would like to wish a merry Christmas to all who celebrates it. Have a blast, yea!

Merry Xmas by ~goenz on deviantART

And to those who are still waiting for the 'news'; forget that for awhile and scratch that worried face off! Put a big smile! Enjoy and have fun with friends and family... :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

summary of posting-related news i read on fb n from a friend ;D

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia.

Okay, this news probably have been going around between us in FB. Let me just put this on written text. Most probably, you'd wonder why would I wana repeat the same thing again in this blog. Yea. You got that right. Just so that people who want to ask the same question again, you can just paste the link to this entry as an answer.

1. I got this message from Mark who said that he got it from a few trusted sources saying that our posting is
partially done. The primary group is sorted out but not yet the secondary group. I hate this news so much; that's why I put it as #1.

This news is supported by Farhana Hashim who reported back a few hours ago:
i went to Putrajaya to ask about posting and bhgn penempatan ckp bahagian sumber manusia belum bagi nama kite. so kite belum ditempatkan secara rasmi di mana2

And by Harold Ong too:
called JPN TRG. the list for secondary teachers for IPG is not even in yet.

2. Also, Mark stated that this is a number which should be called if anyone from primary group who would want to know where they are posted to: 03-88849582.

3. Please don't call any PPD yet; it's either JPN or KPM. Please try to confirm which state you are posted to first. I think there will be a Taklimat in each state before we are confirmed to specific schools.

Dayme put this up:
"Pegawai-pegawai baru pegi meeting td (21Dec) sampai esok (22Dec) untuk penempatan korang. Call lah blk 24hb ni sbb xtau pon lg korg dpt sekola mana"--JPN Johor.

So, I guess it's true that we can only know so far as which state we are posted to; for now *itu pun pada yang dah tau*. But the state's Education Department were only deciding which school we'll be in. That's why PPD wouldn't know yet. As for secondary teachers refer #1

Conclusion: There are a number of us who (with really messed up mixed feeling) already ended their period of anxiously waiting to know where fate will bring them next. Congratulations. Whether it is SK Belakang Rumah or SK JAUH siot Dari Rumah, let us all hope that ...

...after the years of staying in the school system on the recieving end ...

will make better improvement of the system from the giving side.

Selamat menjalani sisa hari-hari sebagai penganggur. Kepada yang masih perlu menunggu dengan penuh debaran; itu aku juga,
Selamat menunggu. Menunggu posto kan lagi best. Bunyi motor je, cam nak dapat heart-attack. :]
“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui.” Al-Baqarah 216.



Sebarang pertanyaan, sila rujuk ke:
  • Sektor Pengurusan Sekolah Menengah di talian 03-88849370
  • Sektor Pengurusan Sekolah Rendah di talian 03-88849586

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Perutusan Awal Tahun Sesi Persekolahan Tahun 2010

I was planning to copy and paste the whole speech here, but I guess it would be too evident that I'm a lazy bum. But I can't really write a formal entry about my view on the content of the Perutusan, can I? Well, I don't really have other things to do at the moment; so why not try.
*read it for awhile*

These are some of the points that I understood from the Perutusan:
  • To produce excellent individuals is no easy business; of course as we all know it. It is a continuous effort from every party that are related to the schooling system. And that means (in my opinion) the effort should come from EVERY one in the nation. No exception.
  • Teachers, in particular, have a specialty: the knowledge (we hope we possess) in order to touch the soul of every student while communicating with them in class or outside. I personally like this point because it reminds us about our ability to touch so many souls in our teaching profession. *which is a bit scary too, mind you. What if we screw it up?*
  • We as teachers (hopefully soon) should also have the knowledge that enable us to identify or recognize the potentials in all of our students and use this knowledge to help them to be better in what ever they are good at. It doesn't matter how small that thing is; as long as it's positive. Then we might help them to excel.
  • It also mentioned about the four focuses that the MOE highlighted (which I know little of):
  1. Perluasan Prasekolah,
  2. Literasi dan Numerasi (Linus),
  3. Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi, and
  4. New deals for principals.
  • And also; the point about life-long education that should be emphasize again because, come on... we witness the down sides of exam-oriented system, right? Furthermore, it also mentioned that teachers should be responsible in shaping students positive thinking. Which means that we teachers should first practice positive thinking... (I should work on that one).
  • And finally the re-emphasizing of sports. What's an active brain without an active body right! ;)
Tsk. That's my limit. I'm off searching for other stuffs to distract myself from the nervousness; thinking about penempatan and my whereabouts for the next few years.

To read the full Perutusan please click on the image below or just go straight to the moe site.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


hello peps..

not sure whether this news is useful or not..

I called KPM today to find out what happened to our posting. but i didn't ask about penempatan. i just asked about tarikh lapor diri. the person in charge said that the results are not out YET. i even begged her telling that i need the tarikh a.s.a.p for my medical reasons but she said that bahagian penempatan hasn't finalize the things yet. and she also mentioned one thing - tarikh lapor diri can either be before or AFTER the school session start..but for now the posting result mmg xde lg. we need to waitttttttttt n wait n waittttttt

tu je la actually..hehe..not sure whether it helps :)

btw, i heard that 16 people got posted to Kelantan..but not sure whether from our course or overall.. :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whats a few days more to wait.

So it's not the 15th after all. Today wouldn't be the historical day. The news wont greet us; no postman, no call...Yet. The internet site was busy displaying internal server error texts.

But fear not. I bet the news will find us--in surprise.

I can't wait to be surprised by it. It's like playing hide and seek and you are so sure you'll be found and you wait where you hide with this fast pounding heart of yours. You are just not sure when the seeker will find you.

One moment: Gotcha!!

Except that we are not hiding from the news. Technically. And we do heard some of us sang 'No Surprise' from a distant. Hoping that the news will come faster, joylessly... We want to be prepared, we want to have time to consume the reality of the news before we step on that school ground. We want some moment to digest.

But who are we to say. We are after all humble servants to the Government and the Ministry of Education. If the system say "wait";

WE WAIT. And be surprised and unprepared if they say so too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Curtain Falls!!!

Hmmm…I’m so nervous..fuh!!...fuh!!!. I’ve never written any blog entry before…Okay here we go, this has nothing to do with teaching or practicum. I just wanna ‘merepek’ about us…and IPBA. Actually, we (Syafiq, Myto, and myself) went around IPBA during the last few days of our stay…well most of you had already gone back home and IPBA was very empty and silent. So we took this opportunity to capture our last moment as ‘students’ of IPBA.

Before I forget, here’s the videos that we made.

Part 1

Part 2

The ‘shooting’ went well without any problem because no one was there to stop us..(we even went to the top floor of the tower block…scary~~~).....blah…blah..blah….when all the editing is completed, I reviewed the videos again (requested by Syafiq A.K.A ‘Director of the short film’) and I realized that I missed IPBA so much. I know most of you feel the same way too but yeah…who wants to say out loud that they miss IPBA…’jaga air muka’…blerghh~~. And in fact, I cried when I left IPBA on the 3rd of December (yeah go on..laugh if you want). There are so many wonderful things happened in IPBA that make me realize this is where it all begins…all the relationships, friendships, companionships…..etc..etc..etc.

So let me recall some ‘hidden’ facts of IPBA and our cohort. First of all…OMG…2.4 is very famous for their ‘family bonding’ and also ‘domestic couples’ (2 ancient couples and 1 newbie couple). This class, sorry to say, always stick together like the stars and the moon, went outing together and even planned ‘mandi sungai’ trip for the class…so shweeet~~. Well, 2.5…hmmm let me think for 2 sec…this class is feared by other classes and they are very ‘ganas’ in a good way. 2.3…haih…of course we have the very famous Ponnie (Faizah) in the class, but generally 2.3 is very quiet and keep things to themselves. 2.2…errr next!!....okay sorry…I think most of them are obedient…(only applicable for foundation years)..and last but not least, 2.1 which is known for quite a number of loud speakers like EVA, Alvin and Diren. I think Eva alone is enough to make the building shaking when she shouted…LoL sorry Eva…what I was trying to say is 2.1 is loud in a very positive and meaningful way (there is at least 2 sides of a story..wink~~).

Okay let’s move on…Romeo & Juliet production is indeed one of the best things ever happened to us…or at least to some of us. The whole process of the production had taught us heaps of things, management, teamwork, finance, and also issues like people backstabbed one another, friends quarreled, and so on. However at the end of the day, all of us Cohort 3 managed to put forth a very outstanding play loved by the audience. I could still remember days and nights that most of us spent together to produce such wonderful costumes, props, the magnificent backdrop as well as preparation for the guests and VIPs. Not to forget our remarkable actors and actresses who worked so hard to memorize their lines…(although some of them forgot their lines during the actual play)…and scriptwriters who went through ‘hell’ and being corrected countless of times by ‘you know who’…and also our dedicated producer and high committee members who sacrificed their time and energy willingly to make the play a success. Thank you Cohort 3!!!!!

Wow, this is like writing an assignment…my brain is burning. But at least I don’t have to use citation for this one. There are many other things and events happened in IPBA which I don’t need to recall each and every single one of them. Basically, what I’m trying to say for about ‘592’ words above is that whether you agree or not, IPBA is a place worth remembering…or rather because of it all IPBA is a place that will definitely be remembered!!! After all is said and done, IPBA is now a ‘Home’ in the past. Much as we miss or remember it, the future is awaiting us. What will our destiny be? Where will our next 'IPBA' be? I doubt there will ever be such a place...For me, I will definitely miss IPBA and some/most of you and I hope you are looking forward to explore new challenges and adventure, and also to starting a new phase of your life. Good Luck and Love You All!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Federation of Malaysian Scout

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera and salam 1Malaysia.

Some of you might end up becoming an adviser for The Federation of Malaysian Scout
(Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia). But most of you, i believe, will have no ideas what to do? here are some of the tips that might help you.

1. FMS (The Federation of Malaysian Scout) has several units under it:
1) Pengakap Kanak-kanak (Primary pupils)
2) Pengakap Muda (Lower secondary)
3) Pengakap Remaja (Upper Secondary).
4) Pengakap Kelana (Tertiary level)
5) Pemimpin and Pen.Pemimpin (the people who organise scout activities at schools or districts)

2. So basically, primary teachers will be playing with Pengakap Kanak-kanak and
Secondary teachers will be handling Pengakap Muda and Pengakap Remaja.

3.If you are an adviser, you are automatically appointed to either Pemimpin or Pen.Pemimpin. Make sure you have Pemimpin or Pen.Pemimpin uniform. Where to get it?
just go to the pejabat pengakap at your appointed district, usually they sell
uniforms. Oh yes, please dont forget to ask them how to arrange the badges on your uniforms.

4. For pengakap kanak-kanak, you must always remember that you are preparing them
for Rambu pengakap kanak-kanak (During their Year 5/6). They must pass three badges:
Keris Gangsa, Keris Perak and Keris Emas (Normally done in their Year 3, 4 and 5)

5. For Pengakap Muda, you are preparing them for Rambu pengakap Muda, provided
they pass Lencana Usaha, Maju and Jaya.

6. For Pengakap Remaja you are going to prepare them for Anugerah Pengakap Raja Malaysia. This is a must if you ask me. The certificate will be signed by all Sultans in Malaysia. At this point you must always keep in touch with the Kem Pengakap Negeri on the dates for Lima Lencana tertinggi Courses and Ujian Sikap Pengakap. Some Kem Pengakap Negeri will do express courses though; so please check the dates with them. If letters do not arrive, please do your job by going to the Kem Pengakap Negeri and get it by yourself.

7. Please make sure your kids' uniforms have the necessary badges and the badges should be sewed at the right place. Please note that Pengakap and Pandu Puteri are a Federation (Persekutuan)which hold a very high status compared to other uniform Units.

8. There are also courses for you pemimpin and pen.pemimpin known as Kursus Manik Kayu: Manik Kayu 2, 3 (national) and 4 (international).

9. Please, at least do the Manik Kayu 2. Please check the date with your Kem Pengakap Negeri.

10. Sometimes, there will be Kempori, Jambori and many other interesting activities planned for your students at the National level. So dont missed the opportunity, send your kids there for fun learning and valuable experiences.

11. For your reference, you might want to grab Buku Panduan Pengakap (Panduan Pengakap Kanak-kanak, Panduan Pengakap Muda or Panduan pengakap Remaja). This will be of great reference for you. You can grab this book at any bookshop. the price is quite reasonable and you can use it for a long time.

12. This is not an ultimate guide for scouting, but i hope it serves the basic information needed for becoming a good adviser of FMS at your school later.If you are to establish your name and career (teaching), this will be one of the great platforms.

13. Sorry i only have basic knowledge in Scouting and Silat. but for Silat, i think Faiz will be the right person to explain; he is the Guru.

cheers, Wassalam.
Warid Mihat

Pengurusan Gerak Kerja Kokurikulum

1. Hi, sorry for irritating you guys with an entry unrelated to your posting (huhu). But i think this entry is very much related to our job next year.

2. Rite!, i think everyone knows that we are not being prepared to handle co-curriculum activities, letters writing, handling meeting, paper work and so on (i'm glad that our juniors are being prepared for these).Later on, some of us might feel helpless due to not knowing how to handle the aforementioned issues.

3. If we were lucky, we might get a very supportive group of senior
teachers, who are willing to teach us all aspects connected to administrative work.
If we were not (simpang Malaikat 44, fuh fuh), we might scratching our heads while walking in darkness (simpang malaikat 44, fuh fuh fuh fuh).

4. To solve the matter, i would like to introduce you to this book "Pengurusan Gerak Kerja Kokurikulum" by Ab. Alim Abdul Rahim. It is a book, written to provide information needed on how to organise co-curriculum activities at school. '

5. If you have good memories, this book was introduced by Encik Bahar during "Pengurusan Gerko 2"; but only some of us bought this book.

6. This book is very practical, the appendices provide examples of minutes of the meeting, paper work, instructions for camp commander, safety procedures, report writing, tentative programme, instructions for organising matches, check-list, Table File and etc.

7. I think, this book should be available at any major bookstore. I've just finished scheming and scanning the book and if i may, i would like to rate the book as 'MUST HAVE'.

8. i tried to put the picture of the book here, but it seems to be useless, so putting the link should be able to give you an idea how the book look like. Click here

With best regards for our future,
Warid Mihat

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A couple of must read articles

Most of us must be already familiar with this one blog of one of our seniors: ah^kam_koko'. But just to make things a bit merrier here; I wish to share this one recent article that he had published in the blog.

The article entitled “For New Teachers Before Reporting to School”, is definitely useful to all of us, as we are the target audience—‘new teachers’.

It’s near the end of the year & very soon a new academic year will begin for Malaysian national schools.
As a newly trained teacher, I’m sure there are many of you out there who are excited & eagerly anticipating your first year at school.
Some of you have received your placement/posting letters. Some have not.
Whether it is one or the other, you have better start preparing for your placement NOW.

Things to Bring
Here are some certificates that should be handed to your Ketua Jabatan (Headmaster/Principal). Original AND photocopy.
  1. All your Secondary School & Tertiary co-curricular certificates
  2. Academic certificates & transcripts (PhD/Masters/Degree/Diploma/STPM/SPM)
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Identity card
  5. Placement letter (If available)
  6. KWSP details (If available)
  7. Income tax details (If available)
  8. Marriage certificate (If available)
  9. BTN certificate (if available)
  10. KISSM certificate (If available)
Some of the documents mentioned above are foreign to you so I will attempt to explain their significance.
Read full article: here.

I’m pretty sure it’s important that we read this and be prepared with the things he’s listed. I mean, he is the more experienced, and I know I don’t want to go on marching into the school blindly… huhue

Furthermore, as another support for us the new teachers, he has previously written another article, entitled “Top 5 Tips for New Teachers”.
The list goes:
1. You think. Therefore, you are
2. Your Boss is the Boss of You
3. Learn to smile and say good morning
4. Brace yourself
5. Go wherever you are sent
Read full article: here

This article, in my personal opinion is very encouraging and motivational. Just love the positive aura it gave me. Not the “I’m gonna tell you about the scary reality of educators work/life” typical advices. It’s bitter sweet in the same ways that it is true/real. I bet the written piece can help u ease your pessimistic thoughts about your expected-rough start—like it did to mine.

Let’s all prepare ourselves the best we can, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; yes, also with the right cert’s and all. And get ready to enter the new phase with an open heart.

Link to ah^kam_koko's BLOG

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our postings will be known this mid Dec

"THIS just in..!"

Always wanted to do that, like Barney did.. though, his has sexual connotation... Heh. Anyway, Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia to all. *always wanted to do that too*. This is Waz@schoolmatterstome.

You guys know that our cohort is always about gossips and rumors,right? Okayh. Some of you might be shaking your heads. But here's a rumor that the wind brought to me last night and Shihyou confirmed that he heard it too...or so I wanted it to appear.

...which probably everyone else has heard. But just so that I can help in making this blog a bit merrier, I have to post it here. *sebenarnya menurut perintah dari Shihyou*.

So the rumor is "that we probably will know our posting by this 15 December".

If you ask me, well, what I heard is that our postings are already confirmed even before I flew back to Sabah (which is the 28th of November, sad, sad day) but that there are no black and white just yet.

And another news I heard was just to advice us to check in/call in the KPM if we haven't heard about our popstings news after the 15th of December. Meaning we can only freak out if we haven't know our postings during this period until the mid of December.

Have anyone of you heard otherwise or differently? Jot down your comments and do share about your news or can you confirm that this rumor is, in fact, true?

Come on, Get involved!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a few more points

Assalamualaikum, Salam sejahtera, Selamat hari Rabu.

It’s great what we had done with this thing in a few days. I hope this will grow even bigger in the days to come.

I think there are a few important thoughts I wanted to share here
  • I know it isn’t the school days yet, but we need to strengthen our base first so that when the school starts, we can stop with the construction and focus on work n sharing about it here once in a while.
  • Anyway, we can post entries about our wait, the news about our postings, writings about what we expect in schools, what to prepare… advices and all. Anything. I’m pretty sure that us ‘monkeys’ can be more creative.
  • Anyone can ask for admin title. Just ask from me or Bob. Not because it depends on us whether we grant it or not; but simply because as of now, only we have it. You can have it too as long as you know why you want it.
  • This is not anyone’s blog. It’s ours.
  • Therefore no one should feel hesitant or scared to contribute with either the writing of an entry, or give comments or ideas or suggestions. We should all be able to get crazy here. That’s the whole point, no?
  • We need to re-state what are the categories exactly so that we can tag/label the entries well later.
  • Those who are reading this please help spread the news around. Make this work. Let us all hope it will be helpful to our own community when the real thing starts.
Thank you
Come on Get involved

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Writings and Dissertations

Hello and Hi,

This is Shihyou@schoolmatterstome.

I am writing this to request support in terms of papers and dissertations. Please y! me or give comments here, about your concerns on putting your papers and dissertations over here.

Best practice is that you email me your dissertation/articles/assignments/found items with your agreement on using that in this website. Please remember we are dealing with intellectual properties here and not to post copyright materials.

These are for the Special Category, other than normal articles posted daily/occasionally your own username. (If you are not yet registered and contributing, here is how or y! me.)

I am also looking for links, that will be suitable to link to. Example - A website that provides you exercises for year 4 students or something.

Thank you.

Come on, get involved.


We are looking for people. Please do not hesitate to join us and make the Malaysian Teaching and Learning online scene, a better place.

Looking forward to see you guys soon, contributing.

Happy holidays!

Oh my, a teachers' blog! how cool!

i hope it won't be as schematic as the school. this blog should be a place for us to share ideas and experience... er...AND HAVE FUN! :P

for me, it is the experience that would be more precious over here. why? u see... if u r looking for some factual and carefully constructed theories (which is boooooring)... i believe the library, wikipedia and the books would do the job better in serving us the infos..BUT those precious experiences of yours are much more meaningful to be shared here. experiences in schools are more authentic. they are raw and unique because each one of us will be serving in the god knows where areas where we'll be facing different type of students... various kind of school dramas (i love this one) and different ways of managing our life (that is including financial management, mind u guys!).

so, for the first post of mine, i would like to ask your opinions on this issue that i have been thinking for a long while... here u go..

as you all know, 'almost' everyone of us (im so wanting to say ALL OF US) has AT LEAST a facebook account. well, not a surprise if i said in some areas, almost all of the school kids are involved in this facebook-ing maniac. especially the secondary kids...

so, let say next year u r being posted to this so called urban area where the students do their homework through facebook... my question is, would you as a teacher accept friend invitation from your students? if u said yes, would you be able to control yourselves (for some of us) while commenting and posting your shoutouts. wouldnt it be a violation to our privacy?? in some worst case scenario... arent you affraid of your profile being hacked and the students got your personal details and spread 'em around the school????... if that is so... DO WE ALL NEED TO DELETE OUR FB ACCOUNT???? :-s

i really need to hear from you guys.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Currently we need opinions on site, especially the categories.

Let me start.

Classroom Issues
Lesson Planning
Games in the Classroom
Extra Activities

Photos and Videos
Teachers' Rant

How are the categories divided to? Anyone can write? What are other categories that you would like? Anything else? What's next?

This is one of the prior discussion. Post your comments below.
Come on, get involved.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

a suggestion

This is only a small plan I have for our future as Teachers *yes with the capital T*..I still dont know for sure how this plan is going to be; but the basic thing is: I wish we could have a blog where we share news and updates or stories related to teaching in general or personal experience specifically those related to the profession or education...

Obviously this blog might not be functioning fully yet because we haven't even been posted to our schools anyway. But I guess early planning is great and we can have our sweet time to think how this things should be or how it could be better..before the actual start. *but actually my real excuse is: I'm bored as hell, and I needed something to do...*

or perhaps...we can still post educating things here even before we are posted right...for those who are bored out of their heads as well..

Anyway, to business.

I have shared this idea with Kartika Sari and now I want to share this with everyone else. My suggestions would be:
  1. this blog has only one author (one email ** but I can share this email with everyone who wants to contribute writing pieces/ updates/ news)
  2. or..this blog has many..manyyy authors....meaning joint account. I will invite those who are interested to be authors as well.
Well... as usual, I'm not really positive about the respond(s) I'm going to get about this. But what the heck. Do comment and tell me your ideas!